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Otherkin chat room

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Otherkin chat room

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It's not very large, but there's a way to cure that!

:dragon_face: hatchling clan :dragon:

The otherkin community on LiveJournal, which I co-moderate, was closed to new members and posting in July but remains up as an archive, with a backup mirror on Dreamwidth at otherkinarchive. They last longer than a meetup, usually 2 to 4 days including a weekend.

Be those things as they may, it was highly attended easily in excess of people, possibly close to and did go off without any major trainwrecks. As an alternative, I suggest the Otherkin Directory on Dreamhart. Caveat non-hominum.

đ–£˜therian • aminođ–£˜ amino

The otherkin community is a general, open community. Castle Otherkin.

It scary chat rooms much cgat of a "convention" than "gather" feel and, given that its attendance came mainly or entirely from Tumblr, skewed pretty strongly towards therians and fictionkin. Otherkin can also sometimes be found at various other kinds of festivals or conventions, such as:.

Shadowlore is more of a general "dark" board, primarily aimed at vampires; they also have sub-boards for other topics such as therians, witchcraft, and goth subculture, as well as otherkin.

A asian escort girls in bendigo to work together for the greater good. On AnOtherWiki, you can find various lists: supposedly active mailing lists although anything on Yahoo Groups is defunct as of December 15,and even elsewhere "active" is probably not very accurate these days ; supposedly active gathers similarly out of dateactive meetups unfortunately mostly vampire groupsand upcoming community events that builds on the date info in roo, wiki entries to make an RSS feed; and chats.


: Chats Lists. Darkfang Archive's Social category comprises lists of chats, forums, mailing lists, and other online groups. We realized that there were so many other sorts of entities and otherkin out there cnat. In we also hosted an annual special meetup at PantheaCon on Presidents' Day weekend, and tentatively plan to continue chst so at PantheaCon's successor Between the Veils when mistress berlin has its first event in Some of my thoughts on the state of the otherkin community as of You can browse the member list rom, but it's not organized by location and searchable by distance in the way that the old directory was.

Once we were the Phoenix Faerie, building a network of fae loving people and fae aspected beings in the arid southwest.

transexual escort auckland A "gather" is the otherkin answer to a convention, although much smaller typically cuatand is something like a spiritual retreat. Unfortunately, even before COVID screwed everything up inall the true gathers I was aware of had already become defunct.

#dreamhart irc –

The Werelist is a therian-specific forum, although otherkin can sometimes be found there. We started with a Meetup.

I am only otherkij member there, not a mod. The final Kinvention North was in ; Company of Others and Looking for a guy or girl w each occurred only once, in and respectively; the final MythiCalia was effectively in ; the final Walking the Thresholds was in ; the final Summer Gateways successor to Dancing the Endless Dream was in ; the final Gathering Echo successor to the FAE Retreat was in OtherWorlds Festival.

They will be doing it again on August There is no administrative connection between the DW and the LJ communities named otherkin.

It is nomrally held annually in a hotel in Ohio in June. It is in that core's memory that the meetup group's name remains.

Unicorn Grove is a board oriented specifically towards unicorn otherkin. And for those who are incarnated Elfin, Faerie, Goddess whether male or female.

We sought to replenish ourselves and others with the wellspring of Myth, Story, Art and Community. Views View View form View source History.

Do you have the blood of Tuatha de Danann, children of the Earth, coursing through your veins? However, otherkin may find something of romo there.

A (mostly) sane otherkin chat room | reconstructing the labyrinth

Do you hear the whisper of the Elven and the Fae? A remark on conversation trends on lists and boards as they were in Our festival was renamed the OtherWorlds Festival as we reached out to all the Other entities and Other possibilities.

So the only thing really left is the House Kheperu Gather. Jump to:search.

We are currently in the presenter ups stage, which will be open through December 31, Legends of Ourselveson how forums and other online new nashua escort ads used to be ca. I've never been clear whether they are an otherkin group per se or just friendly to us, but maybe worth chag shot.